Staffing Solutions

Permanent Staffing
Finding quality permanent employees with the right skills and qualifications can sometimes take a tremendous amount of time and efforts. With our excellent track record we are confident that you are knocking the right door.. With the right tools we know exactly how to get any position filled with the right skills. We believe behind every successful enterprise are the people behind it. We also know how important these things are for your company such corporate social responsibility, financial obligations, company goals and determination to be an industry leader. Our network and accessibility to a wider audience of highly qualified candidates is what makes different than our competition. We take variety of distinct approaches to scout and introduce you highly qualified industry leaders.

Temporary Staffing
Should your need be 5 workers or 100 workers for Special Projects, Mass Staffing, Absenteeism, Maternity Leave or Positions that are hard to fill, Talent Savvies Inc. can accommodate any request. We constantly seek out new candidates and clients so that we may better serve you. As your staffing partner, TALENT SAVVIES INC. can help improve the workplace so that businesses and individuals alike can concentrate on growing to a brighter future.

We believe customer service and professionalism are the key elements of success which also ensures our success rate, and we are confident that any new client will be satisfied, even impressed with our services and the help provided.

Our team will work hand-in-hand with your HR department and operations team to prepare thorough needs assessment. We provide the workers as follows;
- General labour (Production Worker)
- Skill Trades

- Machine Operator
- Clerical

- Forklift Operator
- Etc...

Temp-to-Perm Staffing
Another success we have had so far during our tenure in the industry is with Temp-to-Perm Staffing. We have excellent track and a great success. Companies impatiently wait for 90 days to pass the probation period to hire our staff and most of them buyout our people without any hesitation. We want you to try our temps and we are confident that you won't regret it! We value your time to its utmost.