It is my great pleasure to recommend Talent Savvies Inc. to you. I have been in partnership with them for a few years. I am very satisfied with their service and their rates. I am sure you will be happy with their service"
Talent Savvies Inc. (TSI) has been providing our company with professional and reliable employees for our manufacturing facilities in our production, sanitation and shipping departments since January 2007. TSI is an excellent service provider and is a pleasure to conduct business with. I would highly recommend them"



With our database of carefully-selected candidates, we have the capability to staff any type of position with the appropriately-skilled individual. If you're looking for a managerial role, head of the department, senior managers or a reliable executive, we know how to uncover top talents.

By working day and night, you will profit from the expertise of our dedicated staffing coordinators who make a living out of identifying, targeting and persuading top talent.

Administration & Clerical
We have a methodical and comprehensive recruitment process so that our clients can take the guesswork out of filling their staffing needs. We have a great track record of placing highly-qualified staff in the following areas:
- Executive Assistant
- General Office Clerk
- Administrative Assistant
- Data Entry
- Receptionist

Sales & Marketing
The heart of your business success lies in its sales and marketing and the best and talented people behind it. Most aspects of your business depend on successful marketing. The overall marketing umbrella covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Marketing is a process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers. Without marketing, your business may offer the best products or services in your industry, but none of your potential customers would know about it. With our unparalleled resources, we know exact how to scout the best sales and marketing talents to increase your productivity.

Whether you need to staff for peak workloads due to the time of season, special assignments or events, we have a great track record of placing the best talents in the following areas:
- Accounting Clerk
- Controller
- Payroll Accountant
- Booker
- Financial Analyst
- Auditor

Quality is absolutely important when it comes to maintenance. At Talent Savvies we provide experienced, dedicated, hard working trades-people with the specific skills and abilities. We have been helping companies with the following, but we cater and fill positions based on your specific needs and requirements:
- Millwright Mechanic Equipment Repairer
- Electronics Technician
- Janitor
- Handy Man
- Groundskeeper
- Housekeeper

Warehousing & Logistics
We understand that the success of your business depends on how efficiently and effectively your warehouse and distribution system operate and how smoothly goods move in and out of the warehouse to meet the demands. We consider warehouse is the heart of a company and no longer just a static storage facility. Let us benefit you from our fourteen years of industry experience working with dozens of warehouses to help you keep up with shipments and ease your workload. Our goal is solution for all of your warehousing and distribution needs. We have certified and experienced workers in the following areas, but not limited to this list:
- Forklift Operators
- Material Handler
- Inventory Controller
- General labour: Order pickers, Sorters, Packagers, etc.
- Shipper/Receivers
- Warehouse supervisors
- Distribution supervisors
- AZ/DZ, G licensed drivers
- Materials managers

Industrial & Manufacturing
We fully understand that in a manufacturing environment there are always tight deadlines and pressure from your clients. At Talent Savvies we provide qualified talent who can help meet those tight deadlines efficiently and productively. Our staff are on standby 24/7 to meet the growing demands by maintaining a healthy staffing level.

In addition to cutting administrative costs, the use of our service will eliminate overtime and training costs. As a strong partner and having presence in the plant, we have the resources to get you the right hard working, enthusiastic, honest and diligent employees for assignments of even the largest magnitude. We are helping a variation of industries ranging from automotive and transportation to consumer goods and pharmaceuticals and the aviation industry. We have a great track record of placing high quality workers in the following areas:

- Assemblers
- Machinists
- Equipment operators
- Production labourers
- Quality controllers
- Order pickers, packagers
- Skilled trades
- Dough Mixers

Skilled Trade
Your business has specialized staffing needs. Trades people have specialized skills. It's why you need a specialized skilled trades staffing solution with a great track record. Our over a decade experience and excellent track record of placing experienced trades-people with the right skills and abilities separates us apart from our competition. We have databases of pre-screened workers that are ready to go. Our experienced skilled trades staffing coordinators will service and connect you with experienced talents, including but not limited to the following trades-people:
- Millwrights
- Electricians
- Welders
- CNC Lathe/Milling - Operator, Programmer, Setup
- Manual Machinist - Milling, Lathe, etc.
- Construction workers
- Construction site supervisors
- Foremen
- PLC/Robotics Technicians
- Control Technicians
- Painters
- Plumbers